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If you are a stylish girl who loves to follow the latest fashion news about any kind of dresses, join me!

Working hard

Since i got my first job, i have being working hard on it.

My job has a official name SEO. I think it is so easy at first.

Actually, it is easy to learn the basic knowledge. But if u want to achieve some goals, it is really hard.

Some details you should always keep in your mind. 

I think the most hard thing is u should understand how Google spider do its  work. It is really hard to follow.

Google rules are always changing.

We need to get a better ranking, we need working hard.

What should i say, just keep on, hold on!!

My own fashion style

I am a girl, every girl loves fashion dresses, so i am.
Fashion is the thing we always follow. Each girl has their own tastes about dresses, their own styles.

Let me show you mine.

So  if u see my blogspot, u can share your dress style with me, too.

I love these inspired song lyrics

I do not have any talent   but I have a dream of innocence
I was silly   But I am not stupid   I will prove that with my  whole life

I have a dream  there is nothing wrong   I will insist that 

Dream need crazy enough  that can push me to be a hero  one day  there will be  a story about my life

I do not particularly outstanding 

I am not good or bad   
am just dare to be different
My life is keeping on making mistakes again and again  but never stop to begin from the beginning.

Perhaps it is easier to give up something of my live   but then I am not just who i am  any more 

I believe One day I will have my sky

Be a hero in my sky    I know you know that you will understand

Graduation This Summer

Finally,i graduate! Congratulations to myself. Congratulations to all of my friends in college. I will miss you guys and girls in my whole life. You are so sweet and nice. You company me 4 years. It is my honor to make strong friendship with you.

My best friends in college. Guess where i am ? haha...

Are you right?  This is me!

We r so happy!

Drinking beer, celebrate the graduation. Not drink too much, not good at this.

With my best friend.
Happy ending~

Enjoy my Sunday- a small square near my house

Has nothing to do at Sunday, take some photos at a small square near my home.

Many people go there every night, they dance and sing. But i do not like go outside at night.

My lovely sister took these photos for me. She is always so nice.

Hope you can share your life photos with me, too!!

I am going to graduate

I have been waiting this moment for so long time.
Now, it is coming next month. I am so happy.
Happy to study at school, but happier to get the chance to study in society.

Now, i have got my first job already. I am determined to do this job hardly. Must keep on! Must give myself confidence.  No matter how hard it is!

I Love My City-Nanjing

I live in Nanjing, China. This city is so beautiful and amazing! If u get a chance, u must have to come here!

Nanjing is my hometown! I was born here, grew up here, study here, work here... and may be have a romantic wedding here, wear my dream wedding dress, walking though the old classical street, That is so fantastic!!
I can not help thinking about that.

May be some of u have heard Nanjing, may be few of u had already come here. But i guess most of u do not.

Haha, here i share the most famous travel places with my dear friends. Hope u like them.

This is zhongshanling, the place zhongshan sun lived. And he is buried here!

This is the most famous place in Nanjing, but it is still have a lot of wonderful places to travel.

May be we should enjoy next time or may be u want to travel to Nanjing.

Happy birthday

May 2 is a special day for me! haha, it is my birthday.
My dear friends and family together with me. I am very happy about that.
Get a lot of presents, so nice!
Below is my birthday photos:

My birthday cake, ice cake, very delicious!!

very delicious Chinese food, you can taste if having opportunity

so happy

My family, sisters

lovely young sister

my brother  they r twins, but it is very pity, the another is not coming for working reason.

I am happy,  if you like it, too.

My introduction

Hi everyone~
This is my first Google blog, i really very happy about this!
I am not a student any more from next month! I am graduating! ha-ha

I hope i could make friends here. And sharing what i like with you, of course, you can recommend me somethings you like. I am glad to do this.

Haha~~ If anyone see this blog, you can comment below,and tell me about you.
 May be you want to know what i look like, blow is my pic!