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Long Style Bridesmaid Dresses From Rosa Clara

Rosa Clara, you must feel familiar with this name! Top famous designer in the world. People know her, due to her greatest wedding dresses design arts, she design bridal shoes as well, so, now, bring her long bridesmaid dresses style this year for you. Beautiful, noble, charming just like her wedding dresses design. Take a look now!

Kate Middleton Dresses Fashion Collection

We all know her, Kate Middleton, the most famous and now, also the fashion trending mark of the public. After the grand wedding, Kate Middleton has become a household name. As a girl, we notice and follow the latest news of her fashion wearing style. As a fact, dresses worn by her, have now been very popular among the public, people follow her style, and respect her, also become a fan of her, like me...

Collection of our princess Kate's fashion dresses styles for girls who love her.

First, recover the memory of the famous wedding dress known by everyone, still luxury.

Evening Dresses From Elie Saab

Elie Saab is famous for his luxury design art style. Do like his wedding dresses, evening dresses from him amaze you as well. I am the one who is crazy for his design, he seems fall in love with beading element, most of his design evening gowns are beaded style, shining...which is just the same element he often uses on his wedding gowns.

I still remember the first time I saw his design, I was drunk in his brilliant art, then, searched for his design, almost every gown is perfect and made me crazy, haha, sounds a little over? Not at all! I bet that you will be one of his fans after seeing his design, but not Elie Saab wedding dresses today, here comes his evening dresses:

The next collection is my best love!!! Wish you love them too!

What do you think about Elie Saab's design?

Chiffon Summer Wedding Dresses for Beach Themed Wedding

Beach wedding theme has been popular for a quite long time. New couple prefers to choose beach theme as their wedding theme, the beautiful place God created for us, blue sky, navy blue ocean water, white sand.... all of this gives a romantic feel for the big day.

On your wedding day, the most important day in your life, you need to have a perfect gown, your owe custom made wedding dress! But, which one is best for a beach wedding? I recommend Chiffon floor length wedding gown, the length is suitable for beach wedding, easy to walk and run, fabric of Chiffon is light and do not have any heavy sense, best to use as beach wedding dress.

Now, below, I collect some fashionable and beautiful Chiffon beach wedding dresses for the Summer brides, hope you find your one.