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Happy New Year Everyone

Aha, Happy New Year! Thank for your support in 2011, I very appreciate!!!

I will bring you more bridal fashion news and beautiful wedding dresses in the next year!

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Watters and Watters Bridal Collection

Watters and Watters always create some of the best wedding dresses for brides! This famous brand do know how to fulfill brides' dreams, and they did this very well. Stunning details, romantic element, exclusive cuts, and brilliant design... all of these make brides-to-be crazy, some of them even uploaded some photos after they got the wedding dress of Watters.

UGG Fashion For Brides

Who says brides must wear sexy high-heeled shoes at wedding? Wedding in the winter, of course, many brides choose warm shoes instead of sexy bare toe shoes, but sometimes, you just thought boots are too heavy, and not fashion enough, or ingore the fashion style, it should be have a little cute taste, or whatever. Just traditional boots can not achieve what you want, what about UGG?

We can see more and more brides prefer UGG than other warm shoes, by the way, consider warm, UGG will be the first boots I can think of, and you?, any way, we must admit that during these years, UGG has changed a lot, from the beginning pure color style to different kinds of creative design, it proved to us that boots can be fashion and stylish too. So, winter brides, why not select UGG for your wedding? Both cute and warm, right? And you will find another different style you never though before.

Enjoy Your Wedding Honeymoon at Maldives

Maldives, paradise in real world! It is a romantic place every one dreams of! Blue ocean, soft sunshine, white beach, small excellent house upon the water… all of these attract people in the world go there. More new couples choose Maldives to enjoy their Honeymoon, brilliant decision!!

Imagine that you walk along this white beach, bare toe touch the soft sand, hand in hand with your lover, sometimes, you just want to walk like this until the end of the world.

Lying on the beach, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the greatest moment, nothing is important at that moment, just the amazing landscape, just the blue ocean…

Mori Lee Bridal Collection

Haha, here comes Mori Lee, you must have heard this name before if you are a stylish girl. Woman who knows well about Mori Lee, always want to owe her design gowns, wedding dress, prom dress, evening gown… Why? You can find the answer at the same time you saw her design.

Elegant noble but not make you to be shadow in a corner, on the opposite, Mori Lee gowns perfect show your beauty off all the time. Believe it or not, I grantee that you would fall in love with Mori Lee gowns in the next part: Mori Lee bridal collection photo show.

Nina Ricci Dresses Fashion

Nina Ricci, famous hot fashion designer. You might be familiar with her fragrance; her design dresses are also brilliant and hot welcomed.
Nina Ricci spring fashion T-stage show is a big event for stylish filed. She can always catch the point of beauty, and show it off perfectly. Her design dresses got deep love from a lot of Hollywood super stars, they love to dress Nina Ricci gowns appearing at the red carpet to make the camera focus on them, in fact, Nina Ricci dresses did this all the time, big success!
Why not see how charming Hollywood actresses are in Nina Ricci dresses now?

Tiffany Co. Wedding Rings Collection for Women

Tiffany Co. Wedding Rings Collection for Women!
I guess no woman do not want a wedding ring like Tiffany if possible! Yes, Tiffany is a dream wedding ring brand for us! Luxurious diamonds, fantastic design, brilliant and awesome enough!

Kevan Hall White Label Bridal Collection

Kevan Hall is one of California’s Top Designers. His own bridal brand, Kevan Hall White Label is hot welcomed among the Richer. Kevan Hall Bridal Collection emphasizes purity of style, incomparable tailoring and sensuously draped streamlined silhouettes; Hall has a natural design sense of sophisticated elegance and uncluttered modern design. Hall’s designs have been embraced by fashion retailers and the press.

Wedding dresses from Kevan Hall, totally show a woman’s elegance very well, using the latest elements, his creative ideas brings us a lot of enjoyable vision show each year. It is worth of looking forward his show.