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Long Summer Dresses for Hot Girls

I guess most girls love Summer, you know, throw the heavy clothes, sexy hot dresses instead, no more say, summer vacation! We choose amazing romantic beach town to enjoy our crazy night, party, or prom... Girls,, first of all, we must prepare enough sexy Summer outfits, short style, sexy lace... These years, long style dresses are more and more popular, I think every girl has a long dress for her beach holiday...that is true, right?

There are two in my wardrobe, one is pure white, the other is printing flower style, you know, one of the most modern elements recent years. How about you. you may think mine is too less...haha never mind, next, see the collection I prepare for you, any one style makes you excited...
Wow, I love the second above, and the second below... the last red one is great too...
These all normal styles, you can easily get them at any online store at low cost.
Oh, Summer...coming fast, OK? I can not wait....

Short Wedding Dresses for Summer or Beach Wedding

Sometimes, love is hot like the summer weather, beach wedding is the first choice for new couples. It is comfortable and enjoyable, full of fun, blue sky, cool water and wind...everything will be wonderful...

Brides who choose beach wedding theme need a short wedding dress instead, this  is a trend now, also, long style wedding dress is still the first consideration, yet, some brides prefer short wedding gowns.

Not like before, designers can not do much work on short bridal gowns, today, short wedding gowns can be sexy, hot, simple,noble...any style you want.

But I have to admit that most of brides choose short style for beach wedding is because it is very easy to walk and run...

Here are some cute beautiful short wedding dresses for you! Enjoy!

Christian Louboutin Red Shoes Legend

No high-heeled shoes,No sexy woman! A truth! Famous shoes designer are not too many, Christian Louboutin is the one of them, I guess no one do not know his legend! His shoes are like having a magic, making woman sexy and hot, no wonder so many stylish super stars and fashionable girls follow his arts!

One of Christian Louboutin shoes legend is his Red Series, woman in his red shoes, like an unrestrained wild horse, wait for her trainer... sexy hot..

Christian Louboutin red shoes are high lights, girls just can not move your eyes from them, it deserves your love!

Here we go:

Whitney Houston Fashion Dresses Style

We lost her! That is a huge shock for the world! Whitney Houston, the famous singer Star, who had a Legendary life all the time. She is the darling of God,and had a Angelic voice. We all feel deeply sad for her death.

In her life, she had got a lot of prides, you can not count them one by one. At all kinds of Presentation Ceremonies, she is always a highlight spot, shinning all the time. Now, she is gone! Her voice will be remembered in everyone's heart, not say more about her songs here, let us recalling the memory of the fashion style she brought us every time she appeared.
 Her smile will always be in our heart!

whitney houston 2009 american music awards

Whitney Houston! the 2009 Grammy Awards

Romantic Lace Dresses

Lace is a symbol of romance and feminine now, it is widely used in wedding dresses design, outfits, and accessories,etc.

Girls can not help loving this element, we are all crazy for lace wedding dresses, lace dresses...

White and black color is the most common color of lace. We all know white lace stands for a white romantic princess sense, and black, sexy and hot!

I remember deeply that one day, I saw a beautiful long dress covered by blue lace in H&M store, I was shocked! That was so amazing, other colors of lace can also be brilliant!

Do you have the same feel as me?

Traditional white and black lace: 

Fantastic blue lace dresses, I love them!! And you?

Gold lace gown, noble and elegant!

Pink lace dress, full of sweet sense!